DIE WÜRSTLÜBUNG ("The Sausage Exercise")


Open-air theatre at the wurst stand.

Shows: August 30, August 31 & September 1, 2018 at Rinaldas Würstelstand, Wiener Neustadt

Framework: "1. Wiener Neustädter Würschtltheater" ("Wiener Neustadt's First Wurst Theatre") by glashaus

An adaptation of Daniel Glattauer's "Die Wunderübung"

"Martina and Nina have relationship issues of an unusual kind. Stopping by the wurst stand of Rinaldo, a professed couple therapist of an unusual kind, they have come to just the right place - at least according to Rinaldo. A comedy about the downsides of 'modern' and liberal romance and the absurdities of proletarian commonsense psychology."


Bettina Schwarz as Martina

Claudia Kainberger as Nina

Marcus Richter aas Reinhard/Rinaldo


Direction & Dramaturgy - Elena Schwarz (glashaus)

Production Management & Marketing - Birgit Klauser (glashaus)

Assistant Director & Production Assistant - Valerian Happenhofer

Music - Constantin Luger

Light - Mario Fischer

Script - Thomas Kodnar

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