EINE REIHE AN NIEDERSCHMETTERNDEN ENTTÄUSCHUNGEN. Oder: Wo kein Gras mehr wächst. ("A Series of Devastating Disappointments")


Dramatic reading of a play no one but the author knows.

Show: January 20, 2018 at the Stadttheater Wiener Neustadt

Framework: "Story Unknown" by glashaus

"... when the performance begins and no one knows what the play is.

One stage.
One narrator.
Three performers.
And no one has read the play before.

Not you, dear members of the audience, nor the actresses and the actor know the play or even its genre, the roles or any detail of the performance. No one ... expect author Thomas Kodnar, who wrote the play exclusively for this one evening.

A perfectly imperfect evening of theatre.
With a lot of improvisation and a lot of interaction.
A unique, one-time-only experience."


Lisa Furtner as Meli

Elena Schwarz as Bobby

Florian Stohr as Archi

Jan Hestmann as Der Erzähler ("The Narrator")

Thomas Kodnar as Der Autor ("The Author")


Production Management & Marketing - Birgit Klauser (glashaus)

Conception - Elena Schwarz (glashaus)

Graphics - Ralf Stummer & Tamara Mitterlehner

Stagecraft - Wolfgang Mannsberger

Video - Geri Rauscher

Pictures - Hendrik Wagner

Project Coordination Stadttheater Wiener Neustadt - Stefan Kumnig

Script & Evening Direction/Performance Management - Thomas Kodnar

Video: video by Geri Rauscher