GHOST WALK 2 - Edition Noir


A rather special guided city walk.

October 27-30 | November 3-6, 2022
April 18-20 & 25-27 | May 3 & 4, 2023

"The rich history of Wiener Neustadt has its dark chapters, too. We of the glashaus collective made it our business to shine a light on some of them in 'Ghost Walk 2 - Editon Noir'.

Two eccentric criminologists and their taciturn assistant present various inner-city locations where criminal, crooked, and cryptic events came to pass. The walk from the Theresian Military Academy via Europahaus to the Kasematten blends history with stories and tells one through to the other.

Participants of 'Ghost Walk 2' recall tragedies, unveil dark deeds, and are encouraged to decide for themselves, which of Wiener Neustadt's ghosts are really haunting the city and which phantoms are mere fantasy.

About Ghost Walk (Part 1)

Wiener Neustadt's 'Ghost Walk' was first performed in 2016. Over the following years and 24 shows, more than a thousand people joined the original's two whimsical characters from the past on their spookily humorous walk around the city, with the goal of 'experiencing history through stories.' Due to lockdowns and cancellations in  2020 and 2021, we decided to digitalise the 'Ghost Walk' as a one-take video and, thus, make it available for everyone, for ever ('Ghost Walk ON DEMAND',

2022 brings the long-awaited sequel (which can of course be enjoyed without prior familiarity with the 'Ghost Walk'). Fans of the first 'Ghost Walk' will love it just as much as newcomers, for 'Ghost Walk 2 - Edition Noir' is penned by the same author, Thomas Kodnar, and performed by the same actresses, Bettina Schwarz and Elena Schwarz, with actor Bernhard H. Wimmer added to the cast."


Elena Schwarz as Frau Prospektor Rosa Schinken

Bettina Schwarz as Frau Prospektor Elvirra Spitzkopf

Bernhard H. Wimmer as Vlad


Direction & Dramaturgy - Elena Schwarz (glashaus)

Production Management (2023) - Clara Scheicher (glashaus)

Production Management (2022) - Birgit Klauser (glashaus)

Script - Thomas Kodnar

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