Poison Boy



A collection of four Horror novellas.

ISBN/EAN: 9781087989266

Publisher: Hiraeth Publishing

Cover Artist: Julia Schwarzer

  • No longer available from the publisher! Please write to me at thomas[dot]kodnar[at]gmx[dot]at if you wish to buy the book.

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An ailing son, his ailing mother, and an ailing house. A boy hunted by something hungry and haunted by something dark, losing his way – twice. A petrified man plagued by monstrous visions and vile memories. And one who has to kill the love of his life.

Comprising four harrowing tales of shame, of obsession, of guilt and remorse, Poison Boy explores nightmarish developments in the lives of people who struggle for air as they drown in the messes they have made for themselves. Will they come through?

Will it be better if they didn't?

Story One: The Witch

When rumours spread that someone has moved into the abandoned cabin at the edge of town, two best friends go in to explore. The place is dark and disgusting, and so is the secret it conceals. An incident inside the house changes things for the boys, maybe forever; and one of them blames himself.

Story Two: Wendigo

Returning home from a brief stint in the loony bin, a young man finds that not all his issues have been resolved. As he fights to regain a grip on his life – to cherish his family, love his friends, and finish school – renewed appearances of his demon stalker cast doubt on the possibility of his sanity. A few years later, when everything finally seems to be under control, new acquaintances, dubious choices, and the weeks-spanning party of a lifetime shatter the very idea of control once again.

Story Three: Poison Boy

A man wakes up on his couch to discover that he can no longer move. Trying to remember what led him to this point, his recollections take him back to when he spent most of his nights hunting for the best time of his life ... thus trapping him inside the worst moments of his life. When a face both alien and familiar appears at the window to gloat in on him, the waking nightmare threatens to consume him.

Story Four: The Violet Wedding

A pair of star-crossed lovers find precarious fulfilment in each other's arms. He and she both harbour secrets with the power to destroy their happiness – and destroy a lot more than that, too. Even when reconciliation seems impossible, he keeps hoping for a way to defeat their destiny ... but destinies written in blood, and the promises of love, are a difficult fate to escape.