FAUST. Teufel komm raus ("FAUST. Out with the devil")


A tragicomical open-air theatre spectacle beyond good & evil.

TICKETS: https://www.ntry.at/faustteufelkommraus

August 14th 2024 | August 16th 2024 | August 20th 2024 | August 21st 2024 | August 22nd 2024
FH City Campus, Schlögelgasse 22-26, 2700 Wiener Neustadt

Framework: "Theater am Campus" ("Theatre On Campus") by glashaus

Pic (c) Dominik Perchtold (klubkunst)
Pic (c) Dominik Perchtold (klubkunst)

Fistbump with the devil

Doktor Hans Faust is tired of the lack of success plaguing his world-saving experiments, and turns to diabolical powers on a whimsical impluse. They're not real, anyway ... until they suddenly are, and Mephisto himself is standing in his parlour. The demon offers Faust everything he yearns for: appreciation; influence; power. The price he demands: that Faust helps him with the execution of truly devilish plans …

left to right: Robert Mech (Bibliothek im Zentrum), Clara Scheicher, Verena Kubicek (Bibliothek im Zentrum), Elena Schwarz
left to right: Robert Mech (Bibliothek im Zentrum), Clara Scheicher, Verena Kubicek (Bibliothek im Zentrum), Elena Schwarz

Open air theatre on the campus

Like Täter Unknown (summer 2023 and spring 2024), FAUST. Teufel komm raus is a cooperation with the Bibliothek im Zentrum. The play is staged open air on the FH City Campus in Schlögelgasse 22-26, 2700 Wiener Neustadt.

Pic (c) Dominik Perchtold (klubkunst)
Pic (c) Dominik Perchtold (klubkunst)

Just like Goethe, but completely different

FAUST. Teufel komm raus revises the famous material revolving around Faust, Gretchen, and Mephistopheles in a novel, unusual adaptation, and the format is equally novel and unusual: for the first time, the open air-spectacle unfolds the dramatic potential of the picturesque campus "backyard" at the foot of the FH-"knowledge tower". The available infrastructure is developed into several stages on which the well-known battle for Faust's soul flares into a showdown Goethe wouldn't have dared dream of.

A hellishly great cast & a heavenly crew

Pic (c) Dominik Perchtold (klubkunst)
Pic (c) Dominik Perchtold (klubkunst)

The eponymous roles of Doktor Hans Faust and the devil Mephisto are performed by Bettina Schwarz and Florian Stohr. András Sosko plays Grete Frag, food scientist and Faust's companion. Elena Schwarz appears as Big Mama in the Sky (aka Gott), and Bernhard Wimmer als angel Gabriele.

Thomas Kodnar wrote the text. Elena Schwarz directs the play. Clara Scheicher organises the production. Sophie Tautorus provides the scenography.

Teaser by Markus Raffeis (Mrks Media) & Elena Schwarz

in cooperation with
Bibliothek im Zentrum

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